Is it possible to buy or re-activate Cubase 7 Licences?


As I’ve mentioned before in these forums, I’m responsible for the Music Technology resources in a high school.

Although we originally had a full set of Cubase 7 Licences for all the computers in our department, inevitably over the past 3 years or so unfortunately some usb e-licencers have gone missing despite all our efforts to secure them in various ways. Under one of my predecessors we had purchased enough licences for all of our computer plus a few spares but we are now 5 or 6 short of a full set.

As we’re not looking to upgrade to Cubase 8 at the moment (the cost of 40 new licences being prohibitive for us at this time), we were hoping to be able to buy some new copies of Cubase 7 (clearly you can’t just purchase e-licencers) - but it seems it’s no longer available anywhere.

Does anyone know if it’s still possible to get hold of legitimate, new copies of Cubase 7?

Secondly, I do have a handful of usb e-licencers on my desk which for various reasons don’t work - I believe one might have been from the previous version of Cubase, but one says that it needs activating and another just has no effect whatsoever. Is there anything I can do with these to get them to work? Some of them look as if they’ve never been used, which I find odd.

Any help or suggestions gratefully appreciated.
Many thanks.

EDIT: For what it’s worth, Cubase is running on networked computers not standalone machines. Don’t know if that affects the response.


There is a way, how to handle stollen USB-eLicenser. Contact your local dealer, please. It’s likely, your license(s) are not lost.

It’s not possible to buy an older Chbase version(s).