Is it possible to change both pitch and speed of a sound using an envelope in Cubase?

I’d like to resample (change both pitch and speed) a sound using an envelope. It needs to start low and end high, can Cubase do this?

Many thanks.

Use Fade in on region or do a volume automation.
Then use the function ‘‘Render in Place’’ by right clicking on the region.

Hi Ozinga,

Either I’m not understanding, or we’re talking about different things. I’m looking to resample a sound (that is to say, to change both speed and pitch) along an envelope that goes from low to high.

I’ve rephrased my question to be a little more clear.

I assume we’re talking about an audio part, as with MIDI it’s straightforward.
I think you could do this with audio without to much problem by using the Sampler track?

Hi Ian,

Thanks, but how would one go about this? It needs to be a very gradual/linear slope that lasts somewhere between 10-20 seconds.

Oh OK this explains better :slight_smile:
You can drag the audio to Sampler Control area at the bottom as Ian suggested and hence create a sampler track.
Then draw a pitch bend automation.
Depending on the effect you desire you can set the pitch bend range of the sampler track on the left bottom side of it’s keyboard where it says PB

If you do not see Sampler Control, click the cogwheel on the bottom area to add it

Nice, thanks! :smiley: