Is it possible to change pitched samples per note in Play Mode?

Could someone from the Play-Mode-savvy users kindly help me out with their occult magic? I have a viola part which uses some fairly high harmonics occasionally. To have proper-ish playback, so far I have clunkily switched the material to a violin (applied to the same Player) where needed. However, I now have arrived at a passage where the open C string is played at the same time as one of those high harmonics (on G), and the hack doesn’t work anymore.

Which brings me to my question: is there a way to override individual notes to use a different sample (in this case: violin instead of viola), and if so, could you give me some pointers? Or could the recently added features for custom instruments be used to cook up my own “playback-enhanced” viola?

I only have the libraries that ship with Dorico, and the active Playback Template is HSO, HALion Sel., Olympus.

If you enable independent voice playback for the Viola, you could route one voice to a violin patch. The downside is you would need to keep careful track of voices used, else that patch might be used inadvertently elsewhere by the violas.

Thank you very much. This was a lot less complicated than I had feared, and is admittedly a good deal slicker than my hack.