Is it possible to change the color of the cycle area?

I’m customizing my project colors, making everything black. The only thing that’s remaining the default “light-blue” is the cycle thingy (whatever it’s called - at the top of the project - selects your work, turns red if inverted, ect.) Is it possible to change the color of this, and if so, how so? I’m sure there must be a way, as I’ve been able to change the color of everything BUT that.

Yes you can do it (see pic).

i have mine in orange, it looks cool :slight_smile:

That’s not it - I’m talking about the cycle BAR - above it. As you can see in the picture, it’s still blue…

If you are talking about the Timeline (blue section in the pic),
I have been wondering about that, I can’t seem to find a way.

“The Timeline” - yes, that’s it.

Well darn… it’s contrasting rather negatively against my other colors… I hope someone can find a solution.