Is it possible to change the default value of the number of Pre/Post Fader Slots?

By default, 14 slots are Pre and 2 slots are Post.
Two slots are not enough when I want to use insert plug-ins to create sounds after controlling the volume in detail with faders.
Of course, I know that you can change the position of the Pre/Post Fader slots.
However, it would be a hassle to change them every time, so it would be nice to be able to set them arbitrarily, such as 8 Pre and 8 Post as default.

Also, if it set the Post Fader Slot to the ninth slot by default, the vertical display in the Mix Console will be shorter and more visible, which is useful.


As far as I know, you cannot change this.

But you can make your custom Track Preset, which you can call instead of adding a new track.


This can be achieved by using a custom track preset, but it takes a bit of work.
However, that seems to be the best way to go at the moment.
I hope that some useful feature will be implemented in the update.