Is it possible to change the pitch of audio without timestretch?

What’s asked for is accessible via the infoline. Realtime, instantly, no menus involved.

I mentioned that in my original post but that’s offline only.

As mentioned, this works (when musical mode is set to musical) but is tied to a songs BPM unless I’m mistaken.

Yes, but it applies timestretch unless in tape mode which is tied to song BPM. I want the same kind of ease of access to transpose but without it timestretching or adjusting the songs overall BPM.

I’m not sure if I’ve explained things right because all the suggestions so far (which I appreciate btw) I’ve already made clear I’m aware of, unless of course I’ve missed something… ?

I do not understand your problem then
Please post a before and after example using Native Instruments Traktor to give us an idea of what your after.


Doesn’t happen here, it’s just pitching.

When in Tape mode, you can use the Timestretch tool to give the behaviour that I think you are looking for. i.e. as if you were playing the audio via the sampler track with no timestretch involved. The only issue here is that you cannot accurately change pitch in semitone intervals. You will have to judge the pitch by ear unless anyone has a solution to this that I’m unaware of.

What about to use LoopMas FX?

Should I make a video for you?

Basically I want to be able to do the same thing as Pitch Shift [see pic] but in real time and with the time correction function unticked (see pic) by adjusting the semitone parameters in the info line.

If it’s not too much trouble as I still don’t know how it’s done.

Please could you post up a screen cap of the settings you see because on my end the audio is being timestretched to stay at a fixed tempo even tho the pitch is changing?

Thanks for the suggestion but that wouldn’t work as I’m trying to use the info line pitch change settings to adjust a tracks pitch on the fly but without it being timestretched.

No pitching functionality unless I want some sort of DJ scratch or spin effect.

So, here is the video.



Many thanks for this, I really appreciate it, great video!

The method I was hoping for was to simply use the info line to pitch shift in real time but without the timestretching (so no pitch shift menu, sampler track or drag file techniques would be of use) but I guess Cubase offers so many alternative methods that I guess I’ll have to choose another.

Thanks again!

Thanks, you are welcome.

I don’t understand, I have probably misunderstood something
If I have a piece of audio and I want to change the pitch, I use the Split tool to cut the range.
Select that piece and in the Info line I use Transpose and/or Fine-Tune, and make sure the Algorithm is set to Elastique pro Time or Pitch (Tape will not work) or their Formant versions.
That does not do any timestretch, and use it all the time on vocals to create harmonies, that I often send to the reverb only.

Hi, i think the intent is to be able to timestretch an audio event so that the rhythm expressed in bpm follows a chosen tempo “without pitch correction” because all cubase’s timestretch algorithms are destructive. The only way i found to alter the audio’s rhythm in a non destructive way is to use offline pitch shift and to check-off “time correction”. This is not practical for mixing events, like a dj would mix records by syncing beats playing with a pitch control knob.
I find weird that cubase’s pitch shift has an option to opt out of time correction but it’s time stretch / tempo track doesn’t have the option to opt out of pitch correction. In Cubase we can totally sequence all the elements we put on, and play with the time (speed) they occur but for stretching or shrinking an event that represent a fully complete (mastered) song so that it’s tempo matches a chosen bpm, there’s no option to prevent deterioration of the audio quality by trying to somehow preserve the pitch. As if thats was always desired. There must be a reason for this obvious limitation. It would be great to at least have an answer by someone who understand the question !

In the sample editor, use ‘Pitch Shift’ , and uncheck ‘Time correction’