Is it possible to change the pitch of audio without timestretch?

Many thanks for this, I really appreciate it, great video!

The method I was hoping for was to simply use the info line to pitch shift in real time but without the timestretching (so no pitch shift menu, sampler track or drag file techniques would be of use) but I guess Cubase offers so many alternative methods that I guess I’ll have to choose another.

Thanks again!

Thanks, you are welcome.

I don’t understand, I have probably misunderstood something
If I have a piece of audio and I want to change the pitch, I use the Split tool to cut the range.
Select that piece and in the Info line I use Transpose and/or Fine-Tune, and make sure the Algorithm is set to Elastique pro Time or Pitch (Tape will not work) or their Formant versions.
That does not do any timestretch, and use it all the time on vocals to create harmonies, that I often send to the reverb only.

Hi, i think the intent is to be able to timestretch an audio event so that the rhythm expressed in bpm follows a chosen tempo “without pitch correction” because all cubase’s timestretch algorithms are destructive. The only way i found to alter the audio’s rhythm in a non destructive way is to use offline pitch shift and to check-off “time correction”. This is not practical for mixing events, like a dj would mix records by syncing beats playing with a pitch control knob.
I find weird that cubase’s pitch shift has an option to opt out of time correction but it’s time stretch / tempo track doesn’t have the option to opt out of pitch correction. In Cubase we can totally sequence all the elements we put on, and play with the time (speed) they occur but for stretching or shrinking an event that represent a fully complete (mastered) song so that it’s tempo matches a chosen bpm, there’s no option to prevent deterioration of the audio quality by trying to somehow preserve the pitch. As if thats was always desired. There must be a reason for this obvious limitation. It would be great to at least have an answer by someone who understand the question !

In the sample editor, use ‘Pitch Shift’ , and uncheck ‘Time correction’

I think your after the kind of turntable pitching, but without a +/- in percent but in semitones.
The only way I’ve used to do that was by using a sampler (sampler track or groove agent, being free with cubase) and there play with the pitch. There you can pitch up and get that chipmunk fx or down and that deep from hell fx

Hope it’s what you’re looking for

Yes I have asked for this feature before and still require it, in order to match layered drums for example without any artefacts you need the ability to pitch samples from the info line without the timetsretching applied and Cubase is not capable of this simple function so you have to resort to plugins. Here is to 2020 maybe then it will be included. :unamused:

This is prime example of the silliness of where their heads are at. It is tedious to open offline pitch shifter, uncheck time correction and then play around. It should be accessible in info line and yes, all other than “tape” algorithms are destructive to transient material. Tape of course is nonsense to use, how it’s implemented right now.

Granted, it’s not very sexy feature, so it is left hanging. Could be major workflow improvement, imo.


reading the first page of this thread gave me a bad feeling in my stomach.
either people are intentionally reading it wrong to try and sound like they dont know what the OP is talking about; then giving nonsense “solutions” end “help” that just dilutes and further causes confusion.

or; people are just unable to baisc reading comprehension.

its quite obvious from reading the OP what he wants. he wants the same functionality of loading a sample into a sampler track; then playing keys higher up. that is effectively pitch shifting without time stretching.

Or, loading up the sample in GA; then increasing pitch from there. that is also the exact same thing. non-destructive linear pitch shifting (or more accurately simply speeding the sample up).

or offline processing > pitch shift without time correction. THREE GREAT WAYS TO DO IT, but:

that would indeed be very very handy (and it is beyond me why it is not a feature) to have on the infoline. From there; any “transpose” action is destructive and no matter how high you transpose; the time remains the same. This is not a transpose feature; this is a timestretch feature.
Transposing SHOULD ONLY speed it up, but it doesnt.

That is what OP was asking for; and it is completely insane how people did not get that until after the OP said the same thing a billion times. jesus christ.

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cubase is so powerful but it sometimes I can’t believe how it can not do such basic tasks, this is the 3rd time I have searched for this pitch option and it looks like it can not be done.transpose is not the same and pitching down a sample

just a simple pitch change in real time is such common task in sound design, droping a sample into the sampler to do it is so long winded, using the off-line pitch shifter is not really an option if you are trying different pitches out to see what it sounds like.

PLEASE make this an option like I said it is used intensively in sound design work and I have to use plugins or samples to get this effect currently.

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Traktor just changes the play speed to sync to different tempos
like CD players did

there is no real time shift or musical pitch shift involved

Or just create a favorite offline fx process chain for the semitone up / down pitch method you like ( uncheck time stretching etc ) and save that as a key command. Or yeah, Sampler track etc…
Studio One can’t even do this without a Sampler track to be fair.

re: tim_heinrich’s video at 4:08…

This is just the nuttiest thing ever.

In the info line > algorithm field, the two “tape” options should just work, when you change the pitch (in the info line), you shouldn’t need to actually resize the clip in order to hear them doing something.
I kinda see the logic in it, because in all the other algorithms, the audio’s position in time stays the same. But intuitively, you expect to have the “tape” option work the same way. So if you change the pitch, obviously Cubase needs to automatically change the length, so that you shouldn’t have to do it manually.

Most importantly, you have no way to accurately pitch a sample by a certain amount of semintones, you need to just size it and then decide by ear if that’s an octave or fifth or whatever.

I spent an hour looking for this feature because my mind couldn’t conceive they’d give us all those fancy time-stretching options but not the bog standard sample transpose function.