Is it possible to clearly read what chord is being played?


In my project I’ve got a backing MIDI track that is just strumming through different chords.

What would be really really neat is if there was a way on the main project screen to use that MIDI data and clearly indicate what chord is used at different bars.

Is this possible?

In the Key Editor if you select multiple notes it will show you the Chord name on the Inspector’s Chord Tab.

Also in the Project Window if you select a MIDI Part(s) you can then use
Project>Chord Track>Create Chord Symbols
then those chords will create Chord Events on the Chord Track.
This also has an option to detect arpeggiated chords.

keep in mind that Cubase needs to see these as chords. So you’ll need at lest 3 distinct pitches & some of the more esoteric chords might not be detected.

It’s worthwhile to read the chapters in the manual about chords. :wink: