Is it possible to control guitar sounds and trigger samples from the same MIDI foot controller?

So I’ve got a Harley Benton MP100 foot controller, which I connect to my Windows 10 laptop via usb (it send midi commands via usb) and I run Amplitube5 (either the stand alone version, or as a VST within Cubase 11 Elements). I’ve got the foot controller set up to change between 4 different guitar presents via program changes.

The foot controller has 8 footswitches (10 if you could the bank up/down footswitches).

Now I play in a 3 piece band and we don’t currently have a keyboard player. So I’m looking at a way to trigger keyboard parts - either bass notes, chords or loops - by pressing a footswitch on the controller.

Would it be possible to have one line of footswitches on the controller set up to change between guitar presets, and the line of footswitches above it set up to trigger keyboard sounds/samples? Or is it not possible to control multiple things like that from the same MIDI foot controller?

I’d have the keyboard sounds trigger from VSTs within Cubase.

Yes, as long as your controller can send MIDI Note On messages, it should be easy.
You would have the same MIDI input device on both your Amplitube track and the proposed instrument track.
If MIDI messages used to control one destination is disturbing the other, you could set up filters using the MIDI Transformer plugin.

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Hey thanks for your reply. Where do I set up the MIDI input device on a track in Cubase? Also, what is the MIDI Transformer plugin? Thanks.