Is it possible to convert keyswitches into Expressions?


I can export a midi file in Dorico that contains the keyswitches already mapped for the expressions of that particular endpoint. So far so good.

I can import this midi file into an external DAW, and this one has the ability to extract the keyswitches and create a expression map from it, providing that the DAW has loaded the same expression map stored in Dorico.

I wonder if I can do the opposite: export a midi file from the DAW with the keyswitches embedded into the midi file, import this midi file into Dorico, and make Dorico read the keyswitches and convert them into notated expressions (providing that the endpoint already have the corresponding embedded expression map) ?


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No, at the moment there’s no way to assign an expression map to a track you’re importing from a MIDI file and have Dorico interpret key switches etc. in the track. This is something we have discussed adding, but it’s quite complicated (to say the least): not necessarily so bad for key switches, but very difficult indeed when it comes to things like interpreting MIDI CCs.

I understand. Thanks for your answer.
If keyswitches to Expressions is implemented, it will more than suffice to me! :slight_smile:

The thing is I can go back and forth between Dorico and my DAW. It would greatly speed my workflow.