Is it possible to convert keyswitches to articulations?


I have a midi file that contains the same keyswitches of my flute in Dorico, which is already mapped in an expression map.
Is it possible to extract or convert this same keyswitches to dynamic marks?


I don’t think it’s possible to convert keyswitches into notation. There’s nothing in the MIDI import dialog I can see.

At best, in the future, Dorico might convert CC data into dynamics, but it’s not going to convert keyswitches.

Sorry, I was tired and made the wrong question, which if is it possible to convert Keyswitches into Articulations…
I’ll open a new thread.

Thanks for your answer anyway!

Why not just change the title of the thread? You can do so from your first message–or one of us with that clearance can do it for you. No need to start another thread.

Too late, unless you delete your other thread before someone comments on it.

I tried to delete my other thread but have no permissions.
Let me know what to do next.

Okay, I’ve just changed the thread title …