Is it possible to convert legacy touchscreen controllers into the new MIDI Remote?

I’m very dependent on Lemur (or for others, Touch OSC). Is there a way to be able to convert my touchscreen template into the new MIDI Remote?


Did you use Generic Remote for your device? Did you use only the commands, or did you use even faders/sliders?

I’working on a solution to translate the Generic Remote Devices to the MIDI Remote. At this moment it’s ready for the triggers (buttons) only. If you are OK with it, I would share it with you and you could test it. If you are using more sophisticated Generic Remote, I would like to see it, to be able to implement it to my solution. Thank you.

Hey Martin,

thanks for your reply! Yes, I’m using both commands and faders/sliders in Lemur.

Attached is my Generic Remote. Thanks so much!

Generic Remote.xml (11.8 KB)