Is it possible to copy CC expression along with notes? How to copy CC data?

When I copy notes that contain CC expression data, the CC data is not copied along with the notes. Is it possible to have Dorico copy both at same time?

How can I copy and paste CC data from one location to another? I don’t seem to be able to do it with the standard highlight and Command+C. When I move to another location or another instrument and press Command+P, nothing happens. What am I missing?

You can’t currently copy automation data from one track to another in the Key Editor: you can only copy it within the same track. This is something that we will make possible in a future update.

As for copying and pasting automation data along with notes, this is something that will be included in the Dorico 4.2 update, which will be released… in about five minutes.

Thanks Daniel that’s great news! WOW. It will be out before I finish typing this reply. Yippee!
Congratulations btw!

However, as for copying within the same track. I’m still having trouble doing that. I highlight the CC data (it turns orange), then Command+copy. But how do I designate where to paste it? (just clicking and pasting doesn’t work nor does selecting another group of notes).

Use Alt+click-drag to copy the data to a new location.


However, I just updated to Dorico 4.2 and I’m having a problem with my VE Iconica template now. No MIDI data is being transmitted to VE Pro when I have an instrument play. And, when I play the VE Pro Halion keyboard, sound appears on the wrong channel in Dorico (English horn appears on the flute channel). So it seems these are two different problems that suddenly appeared (the template was working fine 15 minutes ago with Dorico 4.1).

Addtional info: VE Pro is connected, and since audio tranmits back to Dorico, the audio portion of the connection is clearly working. Just not the MIDI.

Oh, the horn is working… so possibly its just one VE Pro instance? Still investigating…

I reloaded the VE Pro Server and still the same problem. Both instances are connected but only the Iconica Brass plays, the Iconica Woodwinds doesn’t show any MIDI even though its connected. I’m not sure what could have possibly changed here on this end. All I did was update to Dorico 4.2.


[UPDATE - PROBLEM SOLVED - Restarted Dorico and reverted back to an earlier version of my template and now it works. I forgot to mention that Dorico 4.1 crashed when I closed my template before upgrading. I had already saved my files so I wasn’t concerned but the crash must have affected something. Its late here too…almost 3AM…time for me to recharge my batteries too.]

All is well (that’s ends well, but I hope this isn’t the end!)

That’s a real :grin: :grin:

Is there any contemplation of allowing a Paste Special option to paste notes without associated CC data somewhere down the road?


No, it’s not something we’re currently thinking about. I’m curious to know why you would definitely not want to copy automation data along with the notes?

Because the source material might sit at the start of a phrase while the destination point is at the end of a phrase.
Or I might do copy&paste because of the complicated rhythm of the source material, where the notes will later be overwritten using “lock duration” - completely independent of any phrasing associated with the source material.

So I’d also strongly vote for an option to activate/deactivate this.


My answer to this question I wrote in another thread today:
“For instance, when I copy a melody from a violoncello to the flute, I don’t want to copy all the cc information, that is specific for the violoncello, but certainly not for the flute.”


In my case (for the present) it is just to make sure I know what I am copying and that it will not cause unexpected effects.

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I would also like to know what excactly is being copied when copying notes - at least Logic Pro asks if you want to copy automation or not when moving or copying midi regions.

It is a bit scary that something can be copied under the hood without the user even realizing it. If there was a way to see in score where automation has been manually added (for example signposts) it would make this process faster and easier to control.

Automation can be used for many other things than just dynamics: section size, organ stops, effects, even switching articulations… In many of these situations one would prefer not to copy automation by default.

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