Is it possible to copy Endpoints between Playback Templates?

I understand that Endpoints and its associated expression maps are nested into the Playback Template in which it was created.
Is it possible to copy an endpoint from one Playback Template to another?


As far as I know there is no way to import endpoint configurations. I really hope they will add this in the next release since I will frequently swap out a single VST for one instrument and it’s tedious to create new playback templates just for that purpose, especially if you change your mind after hearing the VST in context.

That said, you can use the library manager to drag/drop a project and import certain elements from it such as expression maps. These days I’ve been mostly storing expression maps I use frequently in organized folders on my drive and set it up manually, but an import endpoint would save a lot of time there.

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Any Endpoints that are saved on your system will be available as the building blocks for new Playback Templates, under the “Add Manual” button of the Playback Template Editor.

If you’ve imported a Playback Template, then its endpoints should be available.

I didn’t consider the Library Manager option.
I’ll dig into it.

So, the endpoints are system saved. If I modify a patch and resave the endpoint, next time I load it from the PLayback Template Editor it will retrieve this modification, right?

As for the link with the associated Expression Map, it will save the current expression map associated as well?

Next time you Apply the template, it will be updated. Existing documents that already use the old setting will need to re-apply the template.

Thanks. Very helpful!