Is it possible to copy EQ/Channel settings? *SOLVED*


Is there a way to copy the EQ and Channel settings in Cubase 10.5 Pro? I got a drum-recording with 12 tracks. I´ve “mixed” the first one, and it sound ok to be sent for “approval”. (I like to send away a ok-sounding demo for the customer to listen to. Im not the one mixing the raw drumtracks).

So! Since I got 12 songs recorded. Could I copy the channel-settings for each drumtrack and paste it onto another song, or do I have to do it manually track-by-track, song-by-song?

Thanks for any replies!

Sure you can!
look at attachments

Option 1 - copy only EQ in channel
Option 2 - Copy all channel settings (EQ, Strip,Inserts, Routing, Fader position)

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Thanks a lot for the reply, Djgraver!

But as I see this, I have to open project A (the mixed) and then project B. Copy the setting for the Snare on project A, open project B and activate it, add the settings to the snare on project B. Go back to project A and activate it, copy the settings for the bassdrum, go to project B and activate it, and then add the settings to the bassdrum on project B…and so on.

Is there an easier way? To save the settings as presets for the whole project or is this the only way to do it?

I figured it out! Found the answer in this video by Greg!

I thought you just wanted to copy EQ though, the “load selected channels” loads all the settings that are saved.If to have Cubase 10.5, you can also use load channels from any project, with or without content, this is very cool and worth the 10.5 update alone IMO.