Is it possible to copy licences to a spare dongle?

Just incase a dongle stops working?
cheers, kevin

It is possible to move them but not copy.

Oh, thank you, got no intention of buying 12 and just wanted to have a back up dongle…


You don’t need a backup dongle. If you would lose it or if it would become broken, the of the Zero Down Time time period and the process, how to ask for the replacement code.

You do actually need a backup USB-eLicenser to take advantage of the Zero Downtime.

Steinberg Zero Downtime – Steinberg Support

Hi, I have a spare dongle it’s a pity I cannot have the licences on it so if my regular one goes pear shaped I could exchange it in a matter of seconds, so yeah, I would have to use the zero down time…hopefully this will still be available for a long time in the future but given that Steinberg wants us to move to 12 I think they will be keen to remove it after a year or so…business is business innit!!
thank you for the answers guys…

I did this recently when my dongle maxed out at 200 licenses. I could not download new licenses to my default dongle when I tried to download a new license. I copied some redundant licenses from one dongle to a spare I had.

Not copy but move, I did this recently because I suspected my dongle was acting up, and I also did not had the latest Gen, so I bought a fresh one and transfered and everythings groovy.