Is it possible to copy paste channels with effect insert or save templates?

hello, is it possible to copy and paste channels with effect inserts or at least save templates of channels so i can open them up in other songs?

example, i like to recall or paste settings of a channel for a vocalists in another song with out having to start building a new one all over again.

Hi GavrielRafael,

Sorry for our late reply!

You could create a project and create a “snapshot” via tapping the "camera icon " in the project entry in the MediaBay.
Double tapping the “snapshot” will then always creates a new project with the exact settings of the “snapshot”.

Please have a look at the in-app help to learn more about the “snapshot” feature.

Hope the feature will help to support your wish…


Thanks for replying, so its not possible to do it while in the same session then?
My work around to double track guitars or vocals during a session is to use the freeze track feature, but its buggy :slightly_frowning_face:

As for session templates , My work around was to duplicate a session containing the same channels and effects that i will re use repeatedly for a singer or guitarists etc, this solution is ok when working with the same artists or music projects as you want to maintain a sonic identity of an artist or project as a producer (thats what i like)

And the solution you described is also good if possible to save multiple set ups when working with multiple artists, projects or different environments., ive been testing cubasus3 live via a focusrite io, this will help allot., i will try it asap.

I hope you guys add the feature to
-duplicate or copy paste channels and effect inserts,
-i also hope you guys fix the freeze bug :bug:,
-and add send volumes for bus sends with real bus channels, its normal to turn fx all the way up on a bus channel while controlling the level of sends from the tracks to them,