Is it possible, to create a new flow without adding it automatically to all existing layouts?

Hello community,

I’d like to create a new flow without adding it automatically to all existing layouts. I.e. all layouts should remain as they were before the new flow was added.
Is that possible?
In the end one layout should be created per one flow, no more and no less. If every new flow is automatically added to all layouts, then I have to manually remove it from each layout, and with over 100 layouts, that’s quite an effort.

Thxs, best,

I can understand your problem, but wouldn’t your suggestion to default to just one layout provide the opposite problem for many people?
I wonder if a “Select All/Select None” option for the Setup Layout Column (as exists in Layout Options) would be a way around this.

Custom score layouts are not automatically assigned flows or players - you must always specify which players/flows you want in every custom score layout. So one possible option for you is to use custom score layouts in this project, and manually control what goes where?

It takes me 3 mouse clicks to remove the flow from all layouts.

Click and shift-click to select all the layouts. Then untick the new flow.

That is not useful for an orchestral score for example, where you want the new flow to be added to every part layout.

I like the default, but I would find it useful to be able to create an unassigned flow.

Thxs a lot for your replies!

@Rob Tuley: Your way is the solution! Thxs a lot!