Is it possible to create arrows between lyrics?

I’d like to recreate this with lyrics, in order to use the 2nd and 3rd line of for individual lyrics:

The example above is made with playing techniques, but I think I can only have one per rhythmic position.

FWIW, Playing techniques do stack, you can add a bunch of them at the same position — think arco, sul tasto, etc.

Ah, that is true actually! If they stack also below and I can easily control the order, that would solve my problem.

I think they stack in the order you add them (or the opposite one, I confess I don’t remember, but it’s consistent)

There’s also an order property for playing techniques in the properties panel

I can confirm that stacking playing techniques to simulate lyrics works with a bit of fiddling around:

Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 13.18.47

Thank you for the help! Perhaps adding arrows to lyrics could be something to consider for the future?

I saved the file and opened again: for some reason the order has been changed like this:

So I guess even though it is possible to do stacked lyrics with arrows with playing techniques, it is not a very reliable solution.

Have you tried using the order property?

For some reason I don’t have it. Or is that wrong place to look?

EDIT: Found it, it was only in engraving mode! That seemed to do the trick!