Is it possible to disable microphone playback with UR44?

I’m very new to using this hardware, tried searching elsewhere but couldn’t find any info that helped.

It’s way too easy for feedback loops to occur if the studio monitors are playing microphone sounds. I use headphones and switch off the studio monitors when recording, but I’d like to listen to music (from windows OS) using the studio monitors when casually using a mic for voice chat.

If I disable [[Sound > Playback Devices > Line(Steinberg UR44)]], then it also disables any OS sounds and background music coming from windows.

Is there any way for me to mute only the microphone playback? Phones1, Phones2, and Output are all receiving the same signals - though if I’m not able to separate Phones1 from Output, and instead have to enable/disable microphone playback every time I want to listen through the headphones, or have studio monitors playing music, I wouldn’t mind.

I’m using Windows 10, and have a pair of Rode NT1 microphones (xlr) connected to a UR44 audio interface, along with a pair of LSR 305 studio monitors, and a pair of headphones. The problem is I can either voice chat with people, or listen to music; if I try to do both at the same time, I’ll rupture everyone’s eardrums and half the building will probably collapse.