is it possible to disable VSTBridgeApp?

I want to use Cubase in 64bit but the the VStBridgeApp consume too much! is it possible to disable it and use only jbridge?
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Hello Dup,

on Windows, you can move or delete the file “VSTBridgeApp.exe” from the Component folder located in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase X\Components. On the Mac you need to right-click the Cubase icon, choose “Show Package Contents” and go to Contents -> Components. Now, right-click the VSTPluginManager.bundle file, choose “Show Package Contents”, go to Contents -> Resources and move or delete the VSTBridgeApp.

In my opinion, it would be better to just remove the path for 32-bit plug-ins from Cubase so that they are not scanned.

We put up a couple KB articles on how to deal with this, please find them here:

32 bit plug-ins on 64 bit systems:

Detailed article on how to organise folders:

jBridge is also covered.

Hope this helps.

Thanks it help me