Is it possible to do 2 choruses?

Odd question, but in working a little with Dorico, I am inputting music I have in PDF of graphic form. One of the pieces is a tune, and it seems to have 2 choruses. The words are similar but do change, while the music stays the exact same.

I’m not sure if this is even common, but this piece has it.


No, unfortunately you can’t have two choruses. Depending on how many verses of lyrics there are, it might be practical to use one of the regular lines of lyrics and e.g. make them italic via Properties for those bars. Funnily enough I was only thinking about this case yesterday, but we don’t have a good way to handle it at present.

OK, question answered. I appreciate the the time and effort. Dorico is really great Daniel! Your team and yourself have a lot to be proud about.