is it possible to download Cubase 6?


I cannot find any way of purchasing and downloading Cubase 6 -upgrade version from 5, only a boxed version?

will there be a download version available to purchase?


Was discussed extensively already; the answer is no, because of the amount of data to be downloaded.

Luck, Arjan

I did a search. Try it put “download Cubase 6” into the search engine and see what you get?

According to the search results every one of these terms is too common to be allowed !!!

try it? it would help if the search engine actually recognised words like ‘download’ ‘cubase’ and 'cubase 6 ?



I have no reason searching for it, since I read the thread yesterday. The answer was no. If you need more than that, I’m sorry.

Luck, Arjan

You told me it had been discussed extensively, suggesting that my post was a waste of time.

I am trying to tell you that I used the mechanism provided by Cubase to search for information, asnd not waste everyone’s time, but am told by the search engine that search items such as ‘download’ or ‘download cubase 6’ contain too many common words.

Any suggestion how I am to find the extensive threads you would like me to read if I can’t use the search engine provided?



I was merely answering your question and didn’t suggest anything. Sorry if you read more into it. Here you have it anyway

Luck, Arjan

@barryhill, there’s no need to be caustic.

You can use google to search this forum too. Results are less, eh, granular, but all you need to do is -

insert “” before or after your search terms.

To wit: download cubase 6

yeah… and that “amount of data” is nearly useless for some of us, which is mostly composed of sample content libs (loopmash etc), a demo version of the orchestral and other “stuff” … that personally i have never installed and have never used. (and i’m not even missing them at all!)

if SB wanted, there COULD be a downloadable version, split in different data packages … such as “main application” (which is maybe 200-300mb ???) , unfortunately they have decided to make us swallow the box version.

now i have to wait till it gets shipped to music stores, pick up that huge box with the big manuals books that i will never open or read…

Don’t worry, there is no big paper manual :smiling_imp:

Luck, Arjan

I don’t think I was? But sorry it was received that way. When I am told that a topic has been ‘extensively’ reported on already, but i cannot actually find where, because of a wonky search engine, I guess it may make me a bit grumpy.

I have tried your suggested Google method and it results in quite broad and not very useful results… most search engines will parse key words on a boolean basis and then highlight them etc etc, but the steinberg engine is pretty awful when it comes to trying to find specific results to specific problems.

The problem I was having was that the Steinberg search engine thinks that ‘download’ is too common a word, and won’t allow it in searches? Which i think is pretty wierd, considering that is likely to be quite a common search term?

There is something not fit to purpose in the Steinberg search engine.

While on the topic, I am surprised that the great library of archive threads from the previous forum incarnation are so difficult to access and also search.

hopefully less gripey tomorrow … I blame the government.