Is it possible to duplicate a MIDI event whilst respecting the same spacing within a selected range?

Hi all,

Is it possible to duplicate MIDI events whilst respecting the empty space within a selected range?

E.g. If a user has bars 1-16 selected, there’s events on 6 and 8, and the rest of what’s on a track is empty, can it be duplicated to 12 and 16, then 24 and 32 ad infinitum?

In the arrange window, and using both the Grid type value to set exactly the beginning/end of the selection and the Range tool, select the MIDI event(s) (with the eventual added empty space) involved and drag them to the right, while maintaining the Alt key pressed (Opt for a Mac, I think).

In your example, in, there will be an overlapping but, as the place is empty…

select 1-16 with range tool and ctrl+d to duplicate
is this what you want?

Derp. I was treating the left and right locators as the range tool. OK, now things make a ton more sense. Thanks!