Is it possible to edit in-place hairpins

(I have searched the forum, and pp 329 - 358 of the manual, I promise.)

Is it possible to change, say, an existing f > pp that’s been entered with SHIFT-D to apply to a sequence of notes to, say mf > p ?

I usually delete the entire hairpin dynamic and start from scratch. Have I missed a better way to do this, please?


Can’t you just select the first or last note, summon the popover and input the new dynamic? That works perfectly for me…

Select the F, go the dynamics panel/toolbox click on the mf, and it changes. Do the same for the p.

This isn’t super fast, but works very reliably.


Thanks, No. It changes the first dynamic - in my example the f ; but enters a new end dynamic.

Thanks, Robby; I’ll work that way for a while :slight_smile:.

Hm. That’s weird… take a look at what happens for me:
change dynamics.gif

Mark, Florian said “select the first or last note”. Did you select both?

Thanks, Florian and musicmaven!

I think I see what happened: it does work - as you said it would - when the dynamic is linked to a single note.

I experimented - by chance - with a dynamic attached to two tied notes.

Is it a bug that, when (for me at least) the dynamic marking is linked to either the first or second of two tied notes, editing that dynamic fails because Dorico just adds a new dynamic?

I think I saw on another thread that dynamics are copied onto, instead of replaced; it’s the intended behavior.

Thank you, Stephen - if it’s the intended behaviour, I’ll find another way: it does seem a little counterintuitive, though, whenever you really do want to change (= replace) something.