Is it possible to export a track from an arrange chain?

Hi is it possible to export a track using a chain from the arranger? I can only see a way of flattening it to a new project and then exporting - it would be a time saver to be able to do it straight from the arranger?


If you use Export Audio Mixdown, and Arranger track is enabled, I believe Cubase will export it with the use of Arranger Track.

Thanks I tried that, and it ‘kinda’ worked, but not properly. I don’t know if I did something wrong, but I had arranger track enabled, and it exported the chain correct to a point, but one of the ranges was wrong. it was supposed to jump to a different range, but continued on, and then jumped to the new range. I don’t know why it included that extra range, its not in the chain. Repeat ranges were all set to one. Unless it’s a bug?

EDIT: It seems i had the range tool selected during export, and when i changed it to the select tool everything expected as normal. This is great. Really useful to be able to export like this.