Is it possible to export Multitracks more efficient?

Hey :slight_smile:
I am wondering if there is a way that cubase is bouncing multitracks faster and more efficient?
Here is what i mean by that:
I have a project with about 100 tracks that is about 8 minutes long.
In about 90 of the tracks there is just for some seconds an audio signal playing, but cubase needs as long for bouncing these tracks as for tracks that have an audio-signal playing all the time.
In my case Cubase needs about 4 hours to create the multitracks, and i was wondering if there is a better way to do it ?
Is it possible that Cubase just bounces the part with actually audio playing, but still create a file that is of the proper length, so all the multitracks line up correctly?
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What exactly do you mean by “bouncing”, please? Could you use proper Cubase terminology, please? This is what Bounce mean in Cubase. But I understand, you ask for something different, right?

Exporting the tracks with Audio Mixdown - also commonly (maybe not in this forum - i don´t know) called ´bouncing´. I changed the terminology in the headline.


Do I understand you right, you have around 100 tracks and you want export all of them track by track? So at the end, you would get 100 wav files, all the very same length?


Wich Cubase?

11 latest update

Artist, Pro, Elements? They differ in available functions…

I have Pro

So, what is your workflow now?
Using batch export?

yes - export audio mixdown - batch export - and i mark the tracks i want to export

do you include the FX and inserts?

Yes, also inserts on the Masterbus