Is it possible to export stems in Cubase Artist 11?

Hey everyone I have got a quick question here! Currently, I am running Cubase Elements 11 trial version, and I have decided to buy the Cubase Artist once my trial is over. But, while using Cubase Elements I have found that it’s not really possible to export individual stems for mixing, so I am thinking to get the artist version. Does the artist version have the feature of exporting individual stems so that it’s easier for mixing rather than directly mixing on the midi files by freezing it? Because that way I can even send it to a mixing engineer to get my songs mixed professionally.

Have you tried soloing each track individually and exporting each time? (between left and right locators) I have pro so I’m not sure what your version can do but I thought all versions could do this

If you are talking about exporting multiple tracks in one shot, I believe that is still a “Pro only” feature. However, as mkok referenced, even in Elements you should be able to solo individual tracks and export them.

Oh :frowning: I thought that the artist version would have that. It will be a tedious task to export a song for example which has around 80-90 or more tracks :confused: well, now I will have to deal with that :slight_smile: