Is it possible to export the sum of multiple outputs at once?

Hello people. Is this scenario possible…

In some cases, I have to provide a rough demo mix with SFX and Dialogue etc. You can see my outputs :

Since the Stereo Out is affected by inserts and other stuff, I cannot put other material (that’s already mastered) there.

It would be cool to just export my Monitor Out, which then I can put a final limiter on top of everything, before exporting.

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you.


Change the routing and send the signal to a Group(s) instead of the Out. Then you can do it.

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Thanks. I know that’s a workaround… I just needed to know if this was possible…

With the method you mentioned, every time you open a new audio track/instrument etc. you have to NOT forget routing to that “MUSIC” group (that substitutes the Mix Buss).


It’s not a workaround. It’s the proper way to do it.

OK. I’ll go back to recording the loopback from my RME.

What you say is viable but when you do that, the Stereo Out doesn’t look like a Stereo Out to me. You have to put those inserts etc to a group before the Stereo Out.


Add the Group Channels. Put the Inserts on the Group Channels. Route the Groups to the Stereo Out.

Then you can export either the Group’s output or the Stereo Out (summing multiple Groups).

Martin thank you for your effort. But I already knew that.

All the best.

why do you have more than one output bus, do you use external summing?
If you do as it is supposed to be, you can bounce whatever track/group without having the stereo out inserts

No external summing. These extra Sfx, Dialog etc stuff usually comes at last minute, so my main Stereo Out - which is the only output I use - is already populated with inserts… Anyway, let’s forget about it. Maybe I’m the only one with such request.

well, if you use the software as it is meant to be used, your request is satisfied.
you obviously use more outputs than the stereo out, use groups and fx channels. the only output you should have is the stereo out, unless you have a reason to use more outputs

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If you have Cubase Pro or higher you could maybe use Direct Routing (with Summing Mode: On).
You’d still have to create a new output bus but should be able to use Direct Routing to additionally route all necessary outputs to the new bus.

However, you would need to copy all settings and automation from your Stereo Out to a newly created group track in order to be able to use Direct Routing.
Personally I always mix everything to a group track that I call Pre-Master and try not to use Stereo Out for anything but dithering.


Yep, that’s a best practice (having a separate “pre-master” group track and leave the stereo out clean).

I personally use three “outs”:

  1. The stereo sum of everything goes to a group I call “Stereo Out”. Nothing on it except perhaps gentle volume automation (when needed). This is what I export at native bit depth (no dithering needed) and native sample rate (no SRC artifacts) when sending things off to mastering.

  2. That stereo sum goes to a different group called “Mastered”. This is where I have my mastering chain, and can play with all sorts of mastering ideas to share with the mastering engineer without having to worry about that messing with my pristine stereo out.

  3. That “Mastered” group then goes to the “official” Main output of Cubase, which has absolutely nothing on it. This is also the group I route the master I receive back from the mastering engineer to, so I can do A/B comparisons with my own master.

This gives me all the flexibility I need, and keeps things logically grouped and separated.