Is it possible to externally (MIDI) control audio Track Delay?

I’d like to be able to control Audio Track Delay with a control on my midi controller so that I can make fine adjustments to video sound tracks on the fly - but have not been able to see if this can done.

Anybody know?


This is not automat-able controller, therefore you cannot control it via MIDI Controller.

As a workaround you might be able to experiment with a delay plugin set to 100% wet signal on a single delay tap – in theory giving you the same net effect. Or a utility plugin that allows you to delay the audio signal by a variable amount without even attempting to act like musical delay effect.

Maybe this could help:

Although it introduces 10.000 samples of latency itself. So don’t know if this will be workable.
But it’s probably controllable, at least via Generic Remote.

Thank you Nico5 and funkster1 - both good ideas. I haven’t found a standard delay that is a simple enough delay to work without adding unwanted effect. The Voxengo plug in is very good and is almost the answer. My problem is that it has only negative delay adjustments, and the files that I had this problem with required positive delay adjustment.

But all is not completely lost! A clumsy workaround is to move the audio on the track to a rough guess of just past the right place, and adjust the plug in controls from there.

You may also want to have a look at MeldaProduction’s plugin called MUtility - one of it’s functions is to delay the sound by milliseconds or samples.

If you need to move sounds to start earlier or later, you could move your entire audio event to start earlier, so that all of the your adjustments then can be made in just a single direction.

Thank you again for all those plug in suggestions.

I’ve been able to research them, the only one (do correct me if I’ve missed something) which has negative delay AND is compatible with track quick controls is Minusdelay - which works just fine.

Thanks once again