Is it possible to filter 2 Notes parallel from 4 part (upstem voice) chord for copying

Sometimes I need to copy the top two notes (or any combination-e.g. 2+3 / 3+4 or 2+4)
of a four part chords section from piano RHand to a guitar voice.

I’m aware I could copy the complete chords to guitar and filter notes 3&4 and delete them
Just wondering, if this could be achieved with less steps.

The only other way I can think of is filter to deselect the top and 2nd notes, so then you can copy only the notes you want. But that’s no fewer steps.

Thanks Marc for your comment.
You’r right, at the moment this seems to the only way to achieve this.
I need this all the time when doubling parts in chord instruments -guitar/marimba/harp or even vocal scores. Maybe Daniel could chime in and explain, if this is possible.

I don’t think there’s an especially quick way of doing this at the moment, I’m afraid. What would really be needed would be a little dialog or similar where you could specify up-front which notes in chords you want to select. We do plan to further expand the filtering features in Dorico in future, so we’ll think about how we might make this kind of selection easier as part of that consideration.


Many thanks Daniel for the prompt reply and of course for considering the possible future implementation of these sort of filters in Dorico.