Is it possible to get a response from a mod on the state of Steinberg support?

Look, I know that all software has issues. However, customer support is a major thing and Steinberg is clearly lacking in this regard. Is there a reason for this? By way of comparison, support for other companies such as Waves, PluginAlliance, and many more, is absolutely stellar. With Waves, for example, I can always talk to someone on the phone who will help me for as long as it takes. Customer support like it is with Steinberg doesn’t make customers faithful to the company, so I’m just looking for any kind of explanation as to why it’s been in the state it is for so long.

Please: Let’s not have any conspiracy theories from users here, outbursts of anger, or any ideas that aren’t rooted in incontrovertible fact. I want to try to find out what the real issue is because I’m highly frustrated, as I’m sure any other user who has attempted to get support is. I’m a calm, even-headed guy and am easy to deal with in support situations…but Steinberg support has been either non-existent or oddly off-base with their response when I’ve dealt with them (which is not the experience I’ve had with other companies such as the ones I mentioned).

I’m asking here because I don’t know where else to go. Maybe Yamaha itself is a better place to be asking?

Money? Budget? Yamaha? Actually I heard once Yamaha is pretty much hands off, but I would guess there are high expectations, and that was shorty after purchase from Pinnacle.

It’s ironic you mention Waves. The one time I had issues with Waves, the wait was short, and the tech guy spent about 15 minutes on TeamViewer sorting out things that had automatically been corrupted by a Waves update. Excellent customer service! The ironic part is in forums Waves is continually hammered negatively with WUP which I honestly feel people don’t understand very well. Few mention excellent customer service! Everyone complains about UAD being high priced, but they have excellent customer service. Follow the money?

I feel the quality of Cubase support may vary from country to country. I’ll also assume you have addressed the same issues here because this forum could be better than Steinberg support.