Is it possible to get arpeggio midi to show on track?

I wrote a chord sequence using the chord track, then played it through the grand 3, on that track I put arpeggiator insert, is it possible to get the arpeggiated data written on the track? if I pull the chords down they are block chords, it still works with ate arpeggiator but id like the actual arpeggiated notes.

As far as I know, no, not from soft synths. From an external keyboard it can be done depending on the keyboard settings.

You can use another midi track to record midi output of the one with the arpeggiated chords. I was wondering if there is a simpler way, but I haven’t tried to figure it out yet

  1. Set the loop Locators for where you want the new MIDI Part to be created.
  2. Select the Track that has the arpeggiator on it.
  3. Use the command MIDI/Merge MIDI in Loop and make sure to Include Inserts in the dialog.

Are you using one fo the Cubase MIDI Insert FX for the arpeggio? If so, just…

  1. Select/highlight the MIDI clip
  2. Then in the menu select MIDI -> Freeze MIDI Modifiers

That will “print” any Cubase MIDI Modifiers, including MIDI Inserts. In your case, your block chords will now be turned into arpeggiod MIDI notes.

“You can use another midi track to record midi output of the one with the arpeggiated chords.”

Yes, I see. And it works for loop mash, groove agent, Kontakt and others. But it doesn’t work for HALion Sonic 3.2 because it doesn’t come up in the list of midi outs in the inspector. Unless anyone has figured that out. I need to make clear I am referring to the patterns / arpeggiators included with those instruments, not to the generic Cubase arpeggiators.

Some VSTi’s can output MIDI or allow you to export it. It’s really up to whoever made the plug-in to implement these features. If they didn’t, you’re out of luck.

As Funkbot said, if you’re using a midi insert you can simply highlight the part/clip and ‘freeze midi modifiers’ to create the arpeggiated notes, or whatever notes are being modified by any midi insert effect.