Is it possible to get duration/timecode at the end of each flow?

Is it possible to get the timecode (durata) at the end of a piece or each flow?

{@flownDuration@} is probably what you’re looking for.

Duration tokens must be used inside text frames. If you want something that’s part of the flow itself, you could use a marker that you add at the end of each flow? There are various options for the position and appearance of markers and timecodes in Layout Options and Engraving Options.

Thank You for fast answers.
This was what I was looking for, perfect!

{@flownDuration@}, marker and text frames
Switching to Dorico has so far been a humiliating experience :wink:
A lot of gems hidden here and there.

Sorry to hear that! You’re always welcome to ask questions here, you’ll find this a very active, friendly, and helpful forum.

If you ever find yourself struggling to find something in the manual, do also post that here - it’s very helpful for me to know as there can always be ways to improve the manual.

I have worked many years with Sibelius (6.5 I think, before it seemed to get
bloated). A part of my frustration is because it’s all new. So I have to wait before
judging. But there is a lot of qirks. Happy to gets swift answers.

If you’re still relatively new to Dorico, you might get something from our First Steps guide - link here to the landing page, where you’ll find the guide itself in PDF and Webhelp formats, plus supporting materials below.

I’d also recommend watching through the various playlists on the Dorico YouTube channel - my colleague Ant does brilliant introductions and overviews to key concepts and useful bits of functionality.

Nice, I’ll check it out.

incidentally, on a somewhat related matter, would it be possible to make a request for the time within a flow to be added at some point as well as the overall project timing. Not sure if that’s something that would be fairly straightforward to implement or not?

And I know this has come up before but it would save so much time for those of us who notice primarily the timecode when playing through the score to add this to the “go to” list. I know we all differ but I’d use that more often than “go to bar”