Is it possible to get the exact starting time of a note or page?

I’m asking this in the context of making score videos. It would be nice if I could somehow find out the exact time (in minutes and seconds, reckoned from the beginning of the piece) when a page flip is due.

My reaction times not being what they once were, simply placing the play-head on the first note of a page and then hitting play and pause in rapid succession isn’t quite accurate enough. This is mainly because in my video software it’s easier to input the duration of a page still than its exact start and end points. So any inaccuracies I commit in measuring the begin and end time of a page, and hence in determining the timing of a page flip, will rapidly accumulate.

You can add a marker by pressing Shift-Alt-M.

You don’t need to hit play or pause. Just select something on the page, hit Alt-P and the time in the transport will update accordingly.

Many thanks, both. Far easier than I thought at first (as usual :roll_eyes:).