Is it possible to group audio tracks?

In Nuendo, as you know, you can group events. Is this also possible with audio tracks?
In Sequoia there is something called “Group track controls”. You can use it to synchronize the mute function, for example.
Of course, you can solve a lot of things with folders. But sometimes it is not worth to create new folders for a few edits. And often a new folder disturbs the overview of the project.

You can use Q-Link to control the parameters of all selected tracks, or create a Link Group so that you don’t have to select the tracks first.

A lot of people enable Q-Link first thing after starting up Nuendo/Cubase.


Thank you very much for the answer. I will have a look at it.

Hopefully we get an option to have Q-Link enabled by default!

+1 for Q-Link enabled as default…

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Oh yeah, that would certainly come in handy. :+1:

I was just working too long yesterday to notice the “Q-Link” button at the top. And for users of the German version, “Q-Link” is not exactly obvious. At least not after 13 hours of working at a stretch. :laughing:


When using linked tracks and q-link, you might want to take advantage of the button “abs.” between “q-link” and “suspend link”. This switches the default linking from relative to absolute.



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Thank you very much for this tip.
I have now created mainly “fixed link groups” in the current project. And I have already noticed that “Abs” also applies to the regular link groups. Learned something again. :sunglasses: