Is it possible to have a Fermata on a barline

Is it possible to have a Fermata on a barline instead on any part inside the bar?
OK I dont know any (other) Notationsoftware ready to do this, nevertheless there are not so seldom Moments when Fermatas are actually placed on Barlines and not on any note (or Pause) before .

Presumably there will be some technically reasons which make this impossible in notationsoftware however I dont want to miss asking for.

Put a fermata on the last note before the barline. Open the properties panel (Ctrl-8) and tick “Attach to barline”.

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Thank You very much!

This works, but it seems to have no playback function, which is a bit of a pity. Also, I find in my piano and cello score, I only get a fermata above the top of the system, not above the piano staff. It would be better to have it here as well, as the one over the cello staff is reduced size, as normal with such scores.

No fermatas have a programmed playback–yet.

Something’s wrong here: normally, Dorico puts a fermata on every staff. Can we see a screenshot?
You’re definitely using a Fermata?