Is it possible to have a VST articulation triggered by a certain note value?

One of my sample libraries (Embertone recorders) has different articulations for long and short notes, which can be toggled with a keyswitch. Is it possible, by way of an expression map or otherwise, to have these articulations triggered by certain note values in my Dorico score; e.g., the short articulation for all notes from a 16th and shorter? More generally, can one trigger a keyswitch by means of certain musical parameters being notated in the score. For example, press C#2 whenever you see f (for forte) in the score.

Same question for absolute note duration (in seconds or some other time unit).

The Expression Maps Note Length conditions are time based rather than note value based so it’ll only really be worth trying to program in a flow with a fixed tempo and even then some experimentation would be required as the specific boundaries are not currently user configurable — what you can do is select between five different lengths. Conditions for dynamics have not yet been implemented though it’s been strongly hinted that this is planned for some point in the future — Paul may or may not be able to give further info at this stage.

PS I’m assuming here you’re using Dorico Pro 3.5 or later