Is it possible to have notes showing in Midi editor as i record?

I like to experiment with different chords and melody on the fly while recording midi.
If i set my Record Mode to New Parts and Mix i can hear the different parts beeing added live, but the notes are not showing in the Midi editor unless i stop recording. Is it possible for the notes to show up in the Midi editor as i play live ? So i can edit on the fly. Thx


Yes, it is possible. You can Record MIDI Editor.

Just be aware, there is a bug in the linked manual. You must not click the Record on the toolbar. If you do so, the focus goes to the Project window, therefore you don’t record into the editor (anymore), but you record into the Project window instead, which creates a new MIDI Part.

So the solution is to click the Record on the Transport panel, or hit the Key Command to trigger the recording.