Is it possible to hide invisible tracks in the "channle selection" list in export audio mixdown?

My DAW is cubase 11. When I finish my work, I need to do multiple channel export. There are group channels, fx channels, audio channels and instrument tracks in the “channle selection” list, but I only need to export some of them. When I hide the tracks or channels that I don’t want to export, the “invisible tracks” are still in the “channle selection” list in Export audio mixdown.
So, is it possible that the “channle selection” list only shows the visible channels? Because some instrument tracks or audio channels are bundled in a group channel, but some tracks need to export individually, the list will be very long. If it’s possible, I can hide the tracks that should not be exported, then select all the tracks and channels in the list and export, which is much easier for me.
Thanks very much.


I’m sorry, this is not possible. The Export Audio Mixdown window always show all channels.

Not really. But there are possible workarounds, at least in C12 pro.
There is a search field, and there is a selection field for preselecting the selected channels in the project window.