Is it possible to hide the background of a hairpin markeng?

Yes, it was briefly broken because of the new feature to show the modifier in the “jaws” of the hairpin.

Apropos: How about erasing the background of diverse other elements? Good idea for time to come! (In this case, an alternative unis. marking after a divisi section.)

Hello Fratveno,

Thanks for posting a workaround solution to hide a barline portion when intersecting with an hairpin.

Practically I need to create a staff text with Shift + X to the stave where I like to erase the background and then change the text colour and background to white.
For the text I must use a vertical line?

I am new to Dorico and hope you don’t mind me asking for further explanations.

Many thanks in advance and blessings,



You can specify any foreground and background color in the text panel (rightmost fields) image and you can use the properties panel (in engrave mode) to erase the background. I may be dense, but I’m not sure I understand what you mean by for the text I must use a vertical line?.. :smiley:

Hello fratveno,

Many thanks for your very kind reply!
You are not ‘dense’ by any means, it is my misunderstanding, I thought that in order to be able to erase the barline part behind a hairpin I nee to use some kind of vertical line as part of the text but in actual fact any text will do according to your demonstration. Sorry for being a bit slow :wink:

This method could also be a workaround when I want to have an open ended stave without a closing simple barline? I have noticed that Dorico doesn’t have an invisible barline like a famous notation software competitor and I am trying to find a way around this situation.

Many thanks and best regards


It’s possible to work around Dorico’s lack of an invisible barline, by using a dashed one and setting the dash length (or possibly the gap length) to 0.
There’s a bigger question as to why you’d want to, though:

  1. If it’s the end of a flow, there’s a Notation Option for not showing any barline at all.
  2. If it’s midway through a bar, or unmetered music, just break the system wherever you want to. In Sibelius the primary need for an invisible barline is to work around the fact that Sibelius can’t break the system in the middle of a bar, and can’t handle unmetered music without a workaround. Dorico can handle unmetered music without a workaround and can break the system in the middle of a bar.

To show no barline at the end of the flow, see here. You can also change the default barline type within flows (e.g. if you want all barlines to be dashed rather than the standard single).

… and in polymetric music, invisible barlines come in handy in a variety of situations…

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Hello fratveno,

I have tried the ‘white text on transparent background’ workaround that you suggested to hide a portion of a barline when intersecting with an hairpin but I am not able to achieve the result I am looking for.

As a test I have created a text with the letter ‘B’ and set the colour/background white as you suggested:

Then in Engrave Mode I have moved the text where I wanted it and activated Erase Background (I also played around with the Erasure Padding parameters as well:

Unfortunately when I deselect the text this is the result I get, the hairpin is also partly erased, what am I doing wrong or not doing?

Thank you very much in advance for any further help and/or clarification…

Best regards,


Thank a lot for this suggestion!

Best, Max

Does this still work for you? I get the same results as Max when I try this. I use this all the time with 2-bar repeats and chord symbols as virtually every large jazz ensemble score will have tons of collisions without the ability to use Erase Background with these elements, but it doesn’t seem to work for hairpins for me either.

2-bar repeats



Has the drawing order changed? Is it different on Mac vs PC?

No, I just tried it, and it doesn’t work anymore. Dorico has changed, and there are no options for z-plane adjustments. Too bad. See if I can think of another way (don’t hold your breath :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for testing. It seems like this probably isn’t currently possible then.

The only realistic solution I could find in a hurry was the opposite, i.e. create a bit of barline and blank out a bit on each side of it, effectively hiding parts of the hairpin. I sacrified the pppppp dynamic for this :slight_smile: Doesn’t look as good, but could work in an emergency, I guess.

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Thanks a lot Fred for stepping in… I thought for one moment that I was really thick :slight_smile:

Many thanks fratveno for your workaround and let’s hope in a future update they can address this as it looks that some people really would like to have this feature to be able to hide the barline when intersecting with hairpins although it may not be ‘the standard’.

Best regards to all… Max

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