Is it possible to hide the vertical line at the beginning of systems?

currently, yes.

What I need is a table.

In my example, I have not added Roman numeral analysis and functional interpretation. Adding these symbols changes the vertical and horizontal spaces. I have to drag a lot of things and it is time-consuming work. My trick seems to be the only way to save time, but the problem is to hide the vertical line at the beginning of the systems.

Have you thought about using multiple flows, for every exercise and assign them to music frames? It’s quite a lot of work to create the grid and assign all the flows, but the grid will be clean and reusable as a template.
The single barline won’t be align.

Or use a flow per line?


This is also a good solution. I am trying to find a way to reduce time and energy… One problem is that I am developing the idea of content, so the layout could change dynamically. Also, there should be too many flows then… Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.

Yes there will be a ton of flows and if you change the length, maybe they won’t fit anymore.

If the examples on one worksheet have approximately the same length, one flow/line and the use of codas might be the easiest.

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I’m wondering if it would be possible to somehow script the creation of a table, similar to Word, where you set the proportions of the table cells (e.g., 3x5), and the script generates the frames with correct dimensions to fill the page.

I have done things like this via generating xml files, i.e. algorithmically created Page Templates, for importing in Engrave Mode.


Could you give me more information?

It’s always difficult to assess any project with little information, but I keep coming back to this:

For a privately used, labour-of-love workbook, is it really worth spending so much effort on making the overall layout conform to some rigid concept of “perfect”, when you could spend that time on a few more exercises for your niece instead, with whatever “imperfect” barline alignment they end up having? I might be way out of line here, but it strikes me as an unfortunate waste of your energy.

I intend to publish it later.

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