Is it possible to highlight a midi note "row" when played?

This is a shot in the dark, but is it possible to get Cubase to highlight the current played midi notes, but using the the row of the note instead of just the key? I find that I often lose context on where I am in the editor as I go back and forth between my midi keyboard and the editor window. Sounds like a stupid problem but I find it takes a big chunk out of my workflow every day…

Here’s an image to show what I mean:

(and yes I know the notes are written on the midi, I mean context for where I am on the keyboard in relation to the editor ; )

I like this idea.

I don’t know about real time highlighting by striking a key if that’s what you mean.

If you really mean, “Can I select all instances of a given note, or range of notes”, then yes. You can use a MIDI Logical Editor and build a set of rules that the editor will ‘select/highlight’ (or even delete/transform) for you.


Select all notes that are C4 in the part.

Select all notes that fall between C4 and F4, that are longer than a quarter note, and have a velocity greater than 64.

Select all notes that fall within Xms of a beat.

Select all notes in a given measure.

Select all notes that fall close to the first and third beats of a measure.


For logical editors you use often, and might even require multiple passes, you can nest them in macros, and assign key commands to them. You can also use a Generic Remote device map if for some reason you’d like to call macros via MIDI Command. I.E. I use MPC pads to do step editing in the Score Editor. I tap an MPC pad to set the note duration, tap a key to enter the note, tap another MPC pad to change the duration, play in a chord, etc. I can also make pads that’ll launch logical editors that can do things like double parts, and more…

So, if you haven’t explored the MIDI Logic editors yet, I highly recommend experimenting with those. They really can save you a lot of time, and major headaches on down the road.

Yeah that’s quite a handy feature thy could add. It’s why the Komplete controllers with the LED lights alway intrigued me as they light up whatever is on the piano roll as it plays. But you have to use a wrapper for all your instruments which puts me off.

Maybe post this in the feature request forum?

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