Is it possible to include a 2nd chorus line in Dorico?

For some hymnal songs, it is common that there are 2 chorus lines. The 1st to be sung after the first few verses, and the 2nd to be sung, usually after the last verse. I was wondering if that would be possible in Dorico right now, or if Dorico can only support 1 chorus line.

I want the 2nd chorus line to behave like a chorus line, and center vertically with the verses, right under the 1st chorus line if it makes sense.

Dorico currently supports only one chorus line, centered vertically between any existing verses, and italicized.

You can press up arrow once to change your selection from Verse 1 to chorus, then press Alt-up arrow, and you’ll get a “chorus translation” line (displayed as c*) that should work.

2 choruses.png

I was going to suggest the same trick in the meantime. You can then simply edit you text styles. No doubt they are planning more functionality on this front although I’m guessing we will be waiting a while. There are other issues like numbering alignment, multiple lines of text for one note for condensed scoring (think psalms where there is a recitation tone and the second line of text is indented), custom spacing between verses, altering the appearance of single words, etc. etc. I’m sure one day they will add most if not all of these things, but for now we must use the workarounds.