Is it possible to keep Cubase from activating a project?

Hi - Hoping someone could make my workflow a teeny bit more efficient please …

I sometimes have two projects open, and often want to open a third, perhaps to retrieve some audio, or compare, etc. What I would like to see happen is that I close the active project, and then simply open the third one.

But Cubase seems to believe that when I close the active project I definitely want the project in the background to be activated. So what is happening is when I close the active project, I have to wait for the background project to become activated, and only then can I open the third project.

It’s not forever to wait, but it just seems like it. Can I tell Cubase that when I close a project I might not necessarily want the background project activated?

Thanks much for any help -

I too find this behaviour incredibly frustrating, I often work with multiple projects and indeed closing one will always load the immediate background one. You get the option to activate or not when loading but no option to not activate when unloading. Maybe Cubase just likes to be awkward at times!

If the Split-meister advises that this is one of those times to just go with the flow … I can do that … thanks! :slight_smile:

I guess if I had an SSD it might not be so frustrating (they boot Cubase up quicker right?).

NOT on my short list of purchases!

Not on mine either (SSD)…yet :laughing:

This weekend the Cubase mistress taught me some lessons :open_mouth:

Namely, never close a file if I can help it, except at the end of the day. Instead, if there are multiple projects open, and I want to go to the one that is NOT immediately behind the active one, I just navigate to the window of interest, then open that one, rather than close the one I was just working on.

I may have lost all sense of proportionality and appropriateness this weekend working late hours, but as of now that seems so … normal to me!

I’d type more, but it’s time for my special medicine … :mrgreen:

Indeed, just select the project of interest and activate. I wish Cubase would allow you to select the “project of interest” when closing a project though, instead of the current behaviour of activating the immediate one before, very annoying.


I just noticed a little dialogue now appears when starting CB with a different audio setup. It would be nice to see something similar when closing the active project…

Dialogue: Select a project to activate or cancel (load nothing until a project is manually activated)