Is it possible to keep the layout locked in one flow and unlocked in a different flow?

I am working on a project that has 3 flows. I’ve gotten flow 1 completed and laid out just as I want it, so I locked the layout. Now I’m working on the second flow and I find that with the layout locked all my measures in the second flow are crammed together on a single system. If I unlock the layout while looking at the page the second flow is on, Dorico also unlocks the layout for the first flow, ruining the layout I spent a lot of time on yesterday.
Is it possible to only have one flow open onscreen at a time so that things like lock or unlock layout only apply to a single flow?
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

For the second flow, select the system/frame break at its start and either delete it or deactivate the “Wait for next…” properties in the Properties panel (at the bottom of the window).

You can always make a duplicate ‘working’ layout just for entering music without worrying you’d ruin the other one. Besides, If your second flow is also locked, it means there is a ‘hard’ System Break (one that has the property ‘wait for next system break’ set) at the start of the flow. If you show Signposts (View menu), the system and frame breaks, that actually define a page being locked, will appear, and you can easily remove just the unnecessary system/frame break from the start of flow 2 and your music will, eh, flow freely to the next system when you enter more notes.
– (Lillie beat me! At least I wasn’t wrong)

Thank you both for your replies – I’ll be working again later today and should be able to make things work properly now!