Is it possible to "Load Kits" with a MIDI controller?

I own Groove Agent SE (as part of Cubase Artist 7.5). I’m considering to use it live but I don’t see the option to “Load Kits” with program changes or any other MIDI input. I couldn’t find anything in the manual. Is is possible? If not, is this feature included in the full version of Groove Agent?
Thanks much

A little bit OT, but anyway, if you are using a daw for that purpose…
Why don’t you open different instrument tracks (with different GA presets) and change the focus of those with a controller? May be faster and easier. But you have to setting up the various instrument tracks before the live performance.

Is this a no? No program changes available?
(Thanks lordadb but I’m not looking for alternatives, I’m looking for a sampler in the 100eur’s which allows program changes)