Is it possible to move multiple tracks?

I’m currently using Cubase 8 Pro.
Let’s say I have a 16-measure, 20 track layout and want to use my introduction as a primary bridge.
How would I move all twenty tracks at once without having to put them in a folder?
Does the arrange track take care of this?
I’ve been looking for a video, an explanation on track management, but can’t find anything :frowning:

I would probably use Arranger track depending on the project. Hopefully, this video will help

If you don’t want to use Arranger track, then I would do a cut at the start and a cut at the end of the 16 measures, highlight all of the content in that space, copy it, and then move the cursor to the desired location and paste there. Be sure to have the first track of the copied content selected when you paste and it will paste the selected events accordingly.

Thanks. I’ve checked out the video.
The arranger track function does seem useful, but not for the work I’m doing.
This doesn’t allow me to change anything (MIDI notes, audio files, automation ect.) within the track.
I’ve seen that Studio One allows what I mentioned in their arrange track function, which just seemed like a great solution to move dozens of tracks at once without the hassle.

With Arranger Track you can setup a possible order for the sections, then flatten it. Then each of the sections could be changed in Cubase as you would in a project without affecting each other. I do recommend saving the project with a new name before you flatten it.

Personally, I do it by copying and pasting the events and then editing as necessary.