Is it possible to "mute protect" a midi track?

Hi friends, need your help. Is it possible to “mute protect” a midi track? What I mean by that is if I Solo let say an audio track, I don’t want a particular MIDI track to be muted and stop playing. Here is why.

On my template, I have multiple MIDI tracks controlling different VST instruments. The outputs of theses VST instruments are then routed to corresponding audio tracks for mixing. This setup works like a charm but has a flaw.

When I mix the project, if I have to solo an AUDIO track, all other tracks become muted, included the midi tracks, so I have to unMute a corresponding MIDI track to finally hear something on the corresponding AUDIO track.

It is not a big issue, but I would really like to know if there is a way to avoid that.

Search for “Solo defeat” on your manual.

I have the same setup, MIDI -> VST Rack -> record group -> audio track for monitoring at all times. While solo defeat can do what OP is asking, what’s really needed is two mixer sections with two separate solo groups, like soloing MIDI would do solo thing only in MIDI domain and not affecting audio tracks.

It’s kind of like old days, having a sequencer and a tape recorder + a console - you would want to be able to solo each ones separately. Imagine if you could solo on a console, but couldn’t solo a MIDI track in your sequencer? I think there should be a preference to separate MIDI and audio for solo function.

Yes, Solo Defeat is what you want as Jarno said. I’m pretty sure you hold the Alt key while clicking the Solo button. If that doesn’t work, try holding other modifier keys. It will be one of them.

Ok it works thanks for your help. But for the record, in my case not only the MIDI tracks had to be Solo Defeated but also the VST Instruments tracks and all the buses involved in the routing process. I had to search a bit for that one! :smiley: