Is it possible to order a replacement USB dongle?

Hey, guys.

Hope this is the appropriate forum for this question.

I’m running Cubase 7 and noticed last night that the plastic has cracked on my USB dongle. It currently works fine but of course if it dies on me I’m locked out of my music.

I’m sure that I’m not the only person who’s experienced damage on the dongle. Am I able to purchase a new dongle and transfer my license to it?

Alternatively, I have a key for Nuendo 2.x - would I be able to transfer my Cubase licence to that hardware rather than ordering a new one?

Any advice most appreciated.



Yes, you can buy a new one
Yes, you can transfer to your Nuendo 2.x one. Though the newer (shorter) keys are a little bit faster than the old ones

Thanks, man. Since I can transfer to the Nuendo dongle then I’m covered should I start having problems with the current one.

Appreciate the help!